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wasps and woodIt is that time of the year again for the wasps to suddenly appear on the scene and cause fear and possible panic. They are definitely a nuisance pest and are often a threat to health and wellbeing, with many people having a phobia towards wasps.

A wasp sting is certainly painful and in some cases, can be fatal, as the wasp is capable of multiple stings. The wasp sting can produce swelling, which in turn can cause respiratory obstruction, or even worse, anaphylactic shock.

The wasp nest is constructed by a queen wasp and can be found just about anywhere, from in the ground, in bushes or shrubs, trees, hedges and outbuildings, to indoors in lofts, sheds and even vehicles and caravans.wasp nest

If left undisturbed, a larger wasp nest could contain up to 20000 or more wasps!

If a nest is found or suspected of being close, the area should be left alone and professional help summoned. Wasps will attack anything they deem to be a threat to the nest, be it human or animal.

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