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Ferndown in Dorset is located north of Poole and Bournemouth and the parish includes Hampreston, Longham, Stapehill and Tricketts Cross and in terms of population, is the fifth largest town in Dorset.

The town is surrounded by a mix of woodlands, open countryside and heathlands and on the borders are the Moors river and the river Stour. It also has one of the largest industrial estates in the area which is still being expanded. Several golf courses and various other sporting facilities exist along with several schools and a central shopping area.

There are lots of open spaces where nature meets man and this can cause problems with pests entering properties or merely visiting. Where commercial buildings or domestic properties back onto green areas, the lack of physical barriers mean many animals can freely roam in search of food and lodging.

Insects, including wasps, bees and hornets will certainly take advantage of the local terrain and can often end up as unwanted intruders inside properties. Ants will venture out from heathland areas and quickly establish colonies elsewhere.wasp, wasp control by No-Nonsense Pest Control

Rodents, including rats, mice and squirrels are masters of adapting to living alongside human occupants, often with damaging results. With large areas of open grass, moles will certainly find suitable feeding areas, leaving behind molehills!

As with most areas, foxes will certainly be on the prowl, both for food and accommodation.

In most cases, man can live with nature successfully, however if certain animals gain the advantage, action to solve the problem will be needed.

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