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Wasps are now really active in all the local areas of Dorset including Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Verwood and Ringwood in Hampshire.

Wasp nests are being found in properties in roof voids, in gardens, in bushes, trees, outbuildings and even in the ground from West Moors to Sandbanks, Wimborne to Highcliffe and Branksome to Ferndown.

Wasps are very good at adapting the local environment to suit their needs and this is especially true when foliage is removed to allow easier flight paths to an established wasps nest. They can also excavate soil at an alarming rate to increase underground areas to allow expansion of the nest.wasps nest

With all this activity in progress, wasps can easily be spotted going to and from a nest entrance and it is usually with a deliberate purpose. If wasps are seen lingering, along with other insects, it normally means that they are feeding from a bush, shrub or tree and the nest may well be somewhere else in the vicinity. This can be when they are at their most dangerous as they tend to gorge on the sweet sap and literally become drunk! This can involve large numbers of wasps, hover flies, bees and other insects.

It is a good idea to keep foliage well cut back to prevent this happening and in all cases, if observed, remain well clear. Always be cautious when trimming hedges or foliage in case a wasps nest is disturbed. Take time to observe the area before cutting, to look for a flight path or wasp activity.

If in doubt, seek professional advice, as in certain cases, the results could be at the very least, painful.

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