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Property owners have a legal obligation under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 to keep premises rodent free, or, if rodents pose a threat to health or property, to report infestations to the local authority.
The local authority (council) also has legal powers to deal with an infestation in your home, this can fall under the term statutory nuisance, if the infestation is harmful to health, or proving to be a nuisance to affected areas, including neighbouring properties. If there is a risk to your health or safety or that of other persons, then it could be classed as a hazard under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System and the local authority have duties and powers to deal with this, should the need arise.
If properties are not properly maintained, it could lead to your property insurance being voided and any damage caused not being covered.
Pest Control
If your property is affected by pests which are coming from, or are present on another property nearby, you must first contact the landowner of that property to take action, sooner, rather than later. By calling in a professional pest controller as well, this will help to establish where the pests are located.


It might be that you decide to treat the problem yourself, if so it is worth remembering the following:
1. You could be fined or even imprisoned if you cause unnecessary harm to any animal.
2. You can only trap or kill permitted animals using only permitted methods.
3. Any poisons used MUST be used correctly for the intended pest and details of these will be on the product label.
4. Any traps used must be approved and used in the correct manner.
5. It is illegal to use self-locking snares, bows or crossbows and explosives
6. If using live capture traps, it is an offence to keep or release some species, eg grey squirrels.

If the above seems daunting ALWAYS seek advice from a professional pest controller.
wasp, wasp control by No-Nonsense Pest ControlRats, mice and squirrels can potentially inflict a great amount of structural damage. They can cause serious fires by gnawing away the insulation around electrical cables, floods by puncturing pipes and even death by chewing through gas pipes. The insurance sector have estimated that rodent damage to wiring is responsible for 25% of all electrical fires in buildings.
In commercial properties, rodents, especially rats and mice can quickly ruin an organisation’s reputation. If customers spot evidence of rodent infestation in a property, they are unlikely to want to do business with, or visit that property again, possibly leading to financial disaster.
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