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When you go outside, it may be unusually warm but do not be fooled, Autumn is here!
The trees are rapidly changing in colour and the leaves are falling. All around there is frantic activity, with many insects and animals getting prepared for the inevitable colder weather that is just around the corner. Wasps and bees are still active feeding and along with other insects, are descending in large numbers on the flowering ivy that is currently in bloom. Calls for wasps nests are still coming in for treatment, both outside and inside properties and could continue for a while yet, depending on the weather.
Rodents, including rats, mice and squirrels are in abundance and busy setting up new homes with conflicts happening on a daily basis. Any “soft“ targets are quickly being taken advantage of and once established in or around a property, expense and misery are likely to follow.
Moles are certainly very active as the weather has favoured their favourite food of worms and many previously untouched locations are falling victim to their endless tunnelling and molehills.
With plenty of food sources available, foxes are on the increase and this in turn can lead to an increase in the numbers of fleas being transmitted to domestic pets causing more grief to property owners.
Many birds have now migrated and have left their nest sites and this leaves spiders free to roam around and invade properties at will.
Basic maintenance can stave off pest invasions in properties, but some other pests will require professional treatment.
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