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spiderAutumn is with us, with winter just around the corner. We all look forward to being cosy and warm in our homes – thank goodness for central heating! If Halloween and Bonfire Night provide excitement then think of these facts:

• There are over one million species of different insects.
• Cat fleas can drink up to 15 times its own body weight in blood.
• A fleas’ egg can lay dormant for up to 12 months.
• A cockroach can live for weeks without food and water and can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes.
• There are 5000 species of mammals including 2000 species of rodents.
• The teeth of a rat can grow up to 5 inches a year, hence all that gnawing!
• There are over 10000 species of birds.
• There are over 43000 species of spiders.
• In the UK, spiders are not normally thought of as hazardous to health. So it may come as a surprise that over a dozen species found living in the UK are capable of causing a significant or unpleasant bite.spiders

Not all will be eyeing up your properties, but a few certainly will. Lofts prove to be a favourite of many species, especially rats, mice, squirrels, spiders, birds and wintering Queen wasps, whilst fleas and moths prefer carpets! So beware of a bump in the night.

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