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With summer now disappearing, autumn is here and already the Horse Chestnut trees in Meyrick Park, Bournemouth are changing colour and ready to give up their crop of “conkers”! A useful by-product, of which, is used against spiders to keep them out of our homes, because now is the time for these and many other creatures to start planning for the colder weather. Many eyes will be focused on our warm, centrally heated properties, as a place to set up home and spend the next 5 or 6 months or even longer. It is not just the older properties in places such as Parkstone, Southbourne or Westbourne that are likely to succumb, but newer properties in Queens Park and Bournemouth have all fallen victim to spiders.

It may be we never come into contact with some of them, but others we certainly will! Mice are already entering homes and setting up colonies and numbers can increase dramatically if conditions are right. Rats are always looking for somewhere safe and secure to live and breed. It is not unknown for both rats and mice to live in the same property at the same time as I have found in blocks of flats in Boscombe. The damage from both can be quite dramatic and costly if left un-treated. Squirrels enjoy inhabiting loft spaces and can be aggressive if threatened as found in a property in Ferndown. Insects too are looking to hibernate soon and Cluster Flies will enter loft spaces in their thousands to ward off the colder weather. Eventually Queen wasps will depart their nests and build smaller, golf ball shaped, nests in lofts or sheds to escape the cold, ready to emerge next year and start the process all over again. In the meantime the wasps are remaining active and will soon enjoy the autumn fruits and become intoxicated and more aggressive as they are released from their tasks of tending the nests and larvae.
Downstairs in our properties, the central heating plays a large part in helping fleas to thrive as they too will enjoy the warmth and comfort and the readily available food they need to breed – blood! Look out for the odd moth or two flying around the house, are they entering wardrobes to lay their eggs?

Outside we will be busy feeding the birds with all manner of nuts, seeds and maybe fat balls, but do not over do it as hungry eyes don’t just belong to the birds! Rats, mice and squirrels will all be attracted by the food bonanza and again if conditions are right they will stay especially if there is plenty of cover provided by high intensity housing, flats etc as found in many parts of Bournemouth and Poole.

Gardens continue to be at risk from moles, who do not hibernate and will continue to forage for food underground, leaving behind molehills and other damage to both lawns and flowerbeds.
Foxes continue to remain active and now the cubs will be fully grown and the family group will be breaking up and the fighting commences for territories and any vulnerable shed or outhouse may fall victim to a new den, be it urban or rural location as I recently found in the centre of Christchurch.

If we remain vigilant and keep our properties well maintained the number of problems can be minimised, if left untreated they can quickly get out of control.

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