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As the cooler weather and frosts have arrived, pests that have been living outdoors are now starting to look for warmer habitats and this means that many more home invasions will occur.
Some insects, including flies and ladybirds, will look to enter properties to hibernate, whilst spiders will enter for food and warmth.
Rodents will certainly be interested in properties, not only for harbourage, but as a likely food source as well. Rats, mice and squirrels are all capable of entering and living in properties alongside the human occupants!

The following steps may help to keep out un-wanted pests:

Ensure any openings or vents have a mesh screen fitted – but do not block if part of a ventilation system.

Seal any cracks and crevices outside to prevent entry points.

Check and repair any loose mortar or damaged brickwork.

Cut back any trees or foliage (at least 2 metres) and remove any items stored against outside walls of the property.

Check windows and doors are tight fitting, any damaged seals should be replaced.

Make sure waste bins have lids and are emptied on a regular basis to outside bins that have lids fitted also and these are stored away from the main property.

Always check any deliveries, (boxes, plants, decorations, Christmas trees) for any un-wanted pests.

Do not leave pets’ food dishes down overnight as they could provide an easy meal for a rodent.

Ensure kitchen areas are kept clean and food is stored in secure containers or cupboards.

If these simple steps are followed, it could just stop an uninvited visit from pests that could cause various damage and distress and possibly expensive costs.


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