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As the Christmas holiday period draws closer, many people prepare by putting up decorations in and around their homes as a way to celebrate the forthcoming festive period and invite friends and family. It might well be that through certain actions, unknowingly, pests are being invited in as well!

From the outside looking in, the home looks very inviting, warm inside, with no doubt lots of tasty food to choose from and lots of various habitats too.

There are various ways for pests to enter the homes, some far easier than others, so with a few simple precautions, unwanted invasions can be reduced.
Ensure any live “green” decorations are well inspected before being taken indoors. Trees and other leafy decorations can harbour many pests including insects, (including eggs), spiders, moths, weevils and in some cases, even rodents! It is advisable to inspect closely any items before use. Make sure each branch of a tree is inspected and examined for any damage or unusual objects.
If you are using any decorations that have been in storage from the previous year, then make sure that they are carefully unpacked and do not contain any surprises. If they have been correctly stored in robust, air tight containers (plastic tubs), there should be no problems, however if cardboard boxes have been used, a little care may be needed. If in doubt, unpack outside. Whilst in the loft ensure the boxes are intact and look out for any unusual activity (chewing, droppings, etc.) When un-packing check that any electrical lights have not been chewed or damaged by rodent activity, Look out for any moth activity.

If you are lucky enough to have an open fire or woodburner to use, take extra time to examine the logs to be used. Never bring in un-opened bags in one go, always open outside first and bring in only several at a time. Logs can be a perfect home, for not only mice, but many insects and spiders as well. The sudden heat of bringing them indoors could trigger egg hatching!
A few simple precautions now could stop a potential problem in the future.

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