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It’s that time of the year again when our minds are thinking of all the normal Christmas activities that will commence very soon. As we go into work on the final day before the holidays, no doubt the odd mince pie or party snack will be consumed before we head home for Christmas to enjoy more festivities and the last things on our minds is pest control or pest prevention.

The place of work quickly becomes a sanctuary for all kinds of pests if we are not careful. No doubt the heating will be left on and if, by chance, any of those mince pies or festive treats are left out or put in an open bin, they become a good source of food for any rodent or insect that may be passing. Add to that any cups, or mugs or part empty bottles are left out with even the smallest amount of liquid inside and you have all the ingredients for a festive feast for mice or rats.

It maybe that the office in Bournemouth, factory in Poole, hall in Verwood, warehouse in Ringwood or shop in Christchurch will be empty for the entire Christmas period, thus giving plenty of time for rats or mice to really enjoy themselves and once the food runs out their attention could be drawn to other things like cables or even carpets or other office furniture to keep themselves amused and to satisfy their need to chew!

By just spending a few minutes to empty bins and remove any food sources, you could be saving yourselves a lot of time and trouble in the future and ensuring the only surprises you get over the holiday period are good ones!

Wishing all past, present and future customers a merry Christmas and a happy New Year from No-Nonsense Pest Control.

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