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We are all guilty of making New Year’s resolutions, but how many of us actually carry them out? One important one that you may never think of at the time, should be pest control and in particular – pest proofing!

It is easy to dismiss the thought straight away, but if you stop and think for a minute, no doubt you can recall a problem pest from the past and all the aggravation that came with it. Time spent now carrying out simple proofing techniques could save hours of grief and money in the New Year to come.

When packing up the Christmas decorations, make sure they are secure from any invading pests including insects or rodents. Strong plastic containers with lids are the best for this and have the added benefit of being able to reveal their contents easily.

After all that Christmas and New Year cooking, ensure the kitchen gets some care and attention and spend a little time sorting through cupboards removing any old, out of date packages which could be a potential food source for unwanted invasions.

A check inside or outside of the property may reveal cracks or gaps around windows and doors. These can be easily sealed with silicone or similar and if done properly will prevent intrusions by ants or other insects and spiders.

Outside you might have trees or foliage too close to the property giving good cover for future rodent invasions from rats, mice or even squirrels. This needs to be cut back to a safe distance. If any fire wood is produced, ensure it is stored in a suitable location away from the main property as this too can provide a suitable habitat for many pests.

Always check the guttering and remove any dead leaves or other foliage to prevent water build up and at the same time, check for any loose, broken or missing tiles that will give access to other pests including wasps or hornets.

Simple checks and maintenance now will eliminate possible future damage or invasions later on.

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