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The weather may be damp, cold, wet or warm, it does not matter to the mole, everywhere you look at the moment there is evidence that the mole has already been there!

There has been a population explosion again with more to come and more and more areas are falling victim to this industrious creature causing damage, grief and possible expense.
Molehills can be found just about anywhere, from grass roadside verges, paddocks, playing fields, golf courses, gardens, fields and even on roundabouts on busy roads. In towns including Ferndown, West Moors, Verwood, Christchurch and in the centre of Bournemouth and areas of Poole, including Corfe Mullen and Broadstone and further afield towards Fordingbridge, Cranborne, Wimborne and Wareham, all have fallen victim to the mole!

Sometimes molehills are not the only evidence of mole activity, especially where younger, less confident moles are concerned. Mole runs may be the only signs of a frantic mole, searching out new food supplies of worms, insects, beetles and other tasty morsels.

A mature mole can dig in excess of 20 metres a day, leaving behind mole tunnels to capture food, that once drops in can be rapidly detected by the mole’s superior senses. A mole will patrol its tunnels on a regular basis and defend its territory against other moles trying to muscle in.

Moles do not eat plants or vegetation, but there constant activity can disturb roots and thereby damage plants, not a good thing in a well – kept garden or lawn.

There are many products available to buy that promise to rid you of moles or deliver mole prevention including sonic devices to granules. Mole trapping is a very successful way to sort out the problem, but is has to be carried out correctly and humanely.

The best way to sort out a mole problem is to call in a professional mole catching expert, but do not leave it too long, otherwise further damage will inevitably occur.

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