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Take a walk in any area where there are trees and you are sure to spot a grey squirrel. They may look cute as they forage for food, or sit in a tree chewing an acorn, or devouring a tasty morsel stolen from a bird feeder or bin. Do not be fooled!
Squirrels are definitely cunning and will use any means possible to search out suitable food sources and nesting sites. Curiosity plays a part, along with determination and of course their strong teeth inherited from the rodent family, which can quickly penetrate most materials.

Wheelie bins are no match for constant gnawing and if any food waste is inside, it will attract a squirrel’s attention and will easily succumb to give up its contents. Gardens can suffer as bulbs, plants, trees and even fruit and vegetables will all be on the menu.
If there is a constant food source available, then squirrels will look for suitable accommodation close by and they can be very choosy. Certain factors will play a part when deciding and these can range from ease of access, amount of cover, direction that property faces and even noise levels!
Getting in can be quite easy, rotten or damaged wood posing no problems. Damaged or cracked concrete facings can be exploited, loose tiles moved and UPVC guttering and fascias chewed through, even vents removed.
Once inside, loft insulation is quickly damaged by shredding to make a cosy nest, any other materials available, will be used as well. The entry hole will be enlarged and a family environment will be established. Large amounts of chewing will take place to keep their constantly growing teeth to an acceptable length and this is when the real damage occurs to electrical or alarm wiring, water tanks and even roof structures.

Damage caused by squirrels can be both extensive and expensive.
 squirrel damageBeing alert to unusual noises from the loft area and prompt action can stop further damage and expense, if left untreated, disaster may occur.

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