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Recent surveys carried out have suggested that almost half the gardens in the UK have bird tables or bird feeders and it is estimated that a staggering £150 million each year in the UK, is spent on bird food of one sort or another!!

It is becoming a regular occurrence to find rat problems being caused by food that is being placed or used incorrectly for feeding birds or other wildlife. Surveys carried out by local councils in the past revealed that more than three quarters reported that bird feeding was increasing rat numbers.

Rats and mice are born to be scavengers and will look for food over wide areas and when a suitable food source is located, it will be visited on a regular basis and rodents will set up a home nearby with disastrous and possibly costly results. If the food is easily obtainable (bird feeders) they will breed and multiply rapidly.


The following are recommendations:

Always place food carefully and use the correct food.
Always use bird tables or properly located bird feeders.
Feed only when necessary and NEVER leave food out overnight.
Remove old or discarded food and SAFELY dispose of.
Clean up feeding areas on a regular basis to prevent bacteria or disease.
Placing the feeder on a hard surface can help with excess food removal when dropped and prevent rat burrowing.
Ensure food stocks are secure from rodent feeding when storing.
Be vigilant – look for unusual activity and holes in the ground or in compost heaps, under sheds and decking or fences.
Do not wait if signs appear, act immediately, remove the food source and get advice from a professional, timing is crucial.

If carried out properly, feeding the birds can be very rewarding, if not you risk not only harming the birds you are feeding, but yourselves as well.

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