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Rat control by No-Nonsense Pest ControlAny owner or occupier of land, have a duty under the Prevention of Damage Pests Act 1949, to ensure that if rats or mice are found on their land, they are eradicated. This applies to both Councils and individuals. The local council has a duty to ensure that this is carried out.

Under Section 83 of the Public Health Act 1936, (filthy and verminous premises), local authorities have the powers to ensure that rats and mice are eradicated in properties.
The occupier of the land or property is responsible for the initial pest control measures. In normal cases this involves employing some form of professional pest controller or the local council to come and deal with the problem. If the occupier is a tenant, then it is up to them to inform the actual owner of the property.

If the rodents are coming from a neighbouring property or land, the owners or occupiers of that area should be approached and informed. If no suitable outcome is achieved then the local authority should be contacted for advice and further action. It is always a good idea to collect evidence (photographs etc.) to present as proof.
If a neighbouring property has an overgrown garden, it can be difficult to collect proof as cover can disguise rodent activity.

In the case of blocks of flats, it is always advisable to contact the management company, letting agent or owner to advise them of the situation. The co-operation of ALL the occupiers is needed to combat a rodent problem as it is highly likely that most of the flats will be affected in one way or another.
If it is found that one flat is causing the problem and refuse to carry out any remedial action, then the local authority should be contacted for advice. Where the problem is caused by defects to the building, then the local authority would pursue the owner of the building. In all cases the local authority can give advice.

It is where a problem of rodent infestations by mice, rats or even squirrels goes un-reported, that the problem quickly escalates and makes the situation worse causing costly damage and distress.

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