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When it comes to the choice of fast foods available, it seems the list is endless! Many types of cuisine are available from many locations, be it pizzas, burgers, fish and chips, gourmet meals, barbeques, snacks, sweets or even ice creams.

A wander along a local high street in Winton, Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Verwood, Ringwood or Wimborne, will reveal multiple choices of food available that are readily available to purchase and enjoy.

The problems arise from the waste that is produced or discarded, giving rise to unwanted visits from rodents and other pests. The majority of waste is sensibly stored and disposed of, but where food is dropped or just deliberately discarded, it becomes a food source for many pests, including rodents, rats, mice, birds and even squirrels. All are intent on sharing the windfall of food and if the supply is on a regular basis, they will look to set up home somewhere nearby.

The same applies to rodents and birds in more rural areas, which could be in Ferndown, West moors or Bransgore. The food available here for rodents, will be from a different source, but the consequences could be just as serious.

Gardens can be a good food source for many pests, from a compost bin to fruit trees or the ultimate fast food, a bird feeder.
Always check that any food waste is disposed of in the correct manner, otherwise pest problems could follow.

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