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Wasps are not considered as a public health risk, but if a wasps nest is found in or around your property or garden, then I am sure you will disagree!

If a nest is disturbed in any way, either by human or animal interference, then wasps will sting and will protect their nest vigorously, attacking anything within a suitable distance.
The effects of a wasps’ sting can vary from person to person, ranging from being painful, to being very serious, especially if the person stung suffers an attack of Anaphylaxis, this is a severe and potentially life-threatening reaction to a trigger such as an allergy to wasp stings. It is also known as anaphylactic shock.

Confusion often exists with other insects when trying to identify wasps and the main give away points are the yellow and black stripes on their bodies.
A new nest is built each year by wasps and they never return to an old one. The signs of an active nest are constant activity both on and around the nest. Wasps will fly directly from and to the nest and often many can been seen on the outside crawling around the surface.

A wasps’ nest can vary in size, depending on what time of the season it is. The wasps nest is normally started in late April or May by a solitary queen and will be about the size of a golf ball. Once the initial batch of eggs have hatched and pupated into workers, then full production commences and the nest will rapidly grow.wasp nest

To prevent wasps visiting it is advisable to keep any rubbish stored externally, bagged and in lidded bins away from the property.
Inspect any loft voids or roof spaces on a regular basis during the summer months for any wasp (or rodent) activity.

Treatment of a wasps nest should only be carried out by a professional as many factors are involved in the successful eradication and each nest can vary depending on the location.

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