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What a summer! The weather has been very hot to say the least and many people have enjoyed the sun and reaped its benefits.

Nature has had to adapt to the very dry conditions to preserve valuable moisture, none more so than the mole. A very hard-working animal that few have ever seen, but its results are everywhere – MOLEHILLS!

As the ground dried out, these industrious creatures were forced to new areas to feed on their primary source of food, worms. Molehills started to appear everywhere very soon in the season as the heatwave took hold and the ground became parched.

It is generally thought that moles are a solitary creature, but again, on numerous occasions this year, several have been caught together in relatively small confined areas. Moles are very intelligent and can quickly adapt to their local conditions and they will quickly react to find food. moles

Previously untouched areas have fallen victim to moles this year and one of the main causes of mole garden invasions, is that people have been keeping their respective gardens well – watered and in turn creating new habitats for the mole population to feed on the insects and worms that are attracted.

The first signs of a mole invasion could be large or small molehills that will gradually increase in number as the mole, or moles continue to excavate feeding tunnels. These mole tunnels will disrupt the roots of plants, possibly causing untold damage. In the case of a lawn, moles can quickly turn a lush green, flat area into what looks like a battle zone!
It might be that as the ground gets harder to dig for the mole, they will not always produce molehills, instead preferring to push the soil into raised “tracks” causing a lot of damage to turf and roots.

Whatever potential damage is caused, it is very important to act quickly and get professional help to get rid of the mole problem. Many items are for sale which promote mole removal from mole sensors to windmills, gel and crystals and also many myths and “antidotes”. The most dependable method is to employ a professional mole catcher to carry out mole control or mole removal.

No-Nonsense Pest Control only use traps, placed in a way which is safe and humane. If you need help with moles or you have a mole problem or need mole removal or mole trapping we are mole trapping specialists and can help to solve your mole problem.

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