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Christmas is fast approaching and with it could be a looming danger in the loft area where the decorations from last year are safely stored.

It might be the case, that you often visit that area of your property called the “loft” or “roof void” on a regular basis, but past experiences suggest, that in many households, this is not the case!

As January came around after last Christmas, the need to remove the Christmas decorations probably meant that any items too big to fit in cupboards, or just lack of storage space elsewhere, meant that the loft became the area to return the many boxes and possibly old fake trees etc.
Since then, these items have languished until needed again and as the time rapidly approaches for their re-use, it may be time to reclaim them – BEWARE!

It might be that they are still safely secure where they were placed, maybe a little dusty, but otherwise untouched, however, in some circumstances they might contain other surprises other than the original decorations. During the spring, summer and autumn months, they may have become a harbourage for insects, rats, mice, or even squirrels and birds.
A loft space is the ideal place to raise a family for many animals and insects including wasps, which if left undisturbed, can rapidly take advantage and swell in numbers. Rodents including mice, rats and squirrels love to chew on many items and candles and fir cones are a particular favourite! Anything electrical could fall victim to chewing.

If you are entering the loft space after a prolonged period of inactivity, just take a moment to look around and examine any boxes etc. for signs of unwanted attention, if anything unusual is spotted proceed with caution.

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