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spiderThe trees are changing in colour and the temperatures are starting to fall, autumn is here!

As the leaves fall and the outside environment changes, many animals will be changing their respective routines to prepare for the on-coming colder period.
Birds that have not migrated will be looking to establish safe and warm roosting areas and if any properties have the necessary defects, they will quickly become home.

Rodents are already taking advantage of properties in many areas, with mice and rats having moved in and set up ever growing colonies. Squirrels are masters of invasion, managing to find entry via the smallest of gaps and adapting the property selected to best suit their needs.

As the ground gradually recovers from the long hot summer, insects and worms will return to gardens and in particular, lawns, providing a rich food source for moles to exploit with the inevitable results, molehills!

Elsewhere, increased fox activity can lead to increased number of fleas being introduced into the home. Other insect activity could involve ladybirds and of course spiders.

All of this activity can have several effects including damage, distress and possible high expense for the owner or tenant of the affected property. By remaining vigilant and carrying out basic maintenance procedures a lot of the problems can be avoided, but if existing problems are ignored, then trouble will follow.

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