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We all know about and some people try and make New Year resolutions, but do we actually carry them out?

If just a few of the following are carried out it could save money and distress in the future year ahead!

1. Avoid excess – We are all guilty of building up general stuff and storing unnecessary items, both indoors and outdoors. Take a moment and have a general check to see if anything can be got rid of. It might be harbouring pests.

2. Organise cupboards so they are easily cleaned, especially where foodstuffs are involved. Get rid of any out of date products, they could be a home for insects or even attract rodents.

3. Make an effort to vacuum on a regular basis to remove excess waste from the floor that could harbour fleas or mites.

4. Check inside and outside of the property for any cracks, gaps or holes and get them filled or repaired to prevent mice, rats or others pests entering.squirrel damage

5. Walk around your property and check that any foliage is cut back away from walls and especially airbricks, this will remove any cover for rodents to operate unseen.

6. If there are trees overhanging, get them cut back to stop squirrels using them as access and whilst looking up, check for any loose or missing tiles to prevent birds entering.

7. If pest problems are encountered, get help or advice quickly, do not let it escalate.

8. Walk around your garden and lawn and check for molehills, if any found, call for professional help sooner rather than later.

These simple steps could lead to a pest and stress free year ahead.

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