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Wasp taken by No-Nonsense Pest Control


As the temperatures have slowly risen the wasp season has started with a bang!

The calls for wasps’ nests and wasp invasions have dramatically increased over the last couple of days and it is likely to continue for the rest of the season until late Autumn.

So far the majority of wasps’ nests have been situated in gardens, mainly shrubs, hedges and in the ground. This is slowly being replaced by building invasions taking place where wasps are entering properties via gaps in brickwork, air bricks, under roof tiles and via gaps in lead flashing.

It is very important before commencing any work in the garden, to just stop, look and even listen! A bit like crossing the road, look out for any unusual activity in the ground, or around bushes or shrubs.

Being vigilant could prevent painful stings or even worse happening. A simple task of mowing the lawn or trimming a hedge, could become very dangerous if the signs of wasp activity are missed and a nest disturbed.

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