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We are now over half way through the summer and with record breaking temperatures and even flooding, the environment is certainly changing.

Already this year we have seen vast numbers of flying ants on several occasions, with numbers so large that great swarms even appeared on weather radars giving the false impressions of rain clouds!

Birds were in the news when licences for culling were suspended (and indeed are still in doubt) giving the chance for some species numbers to swell rapidly, which could have a dramatic effect in the future. Nesting birds can also cause problems, not only with any mess left behind at the end of the season, but also the scavenging insects that are often found within the nests themselves. When the chicks finally fly off, these insects could then be left behind and seek other food sources. The most common insects being mites and moths.

Mice and especially rats seem not to be following the normal routines either. It may be the heat or simply the fact that food is so readily available, the net result being a massive increase in numbers of these rodents and increased home invasions. It used to be the case that these rodents would vacate properties during the summer and return when autumn approached, not anymore!

Another rodent to benefit from the changing environment is the squirrel. It too has seen numbers increase rapidly, especially as food sources have increased in local parks as the weather brings in more tourists producing more waste. Many properties are no match for a determined squirrel and once installed inside, the damage will quickly mount.

The general heat causes animals to react in different ways and if food sources move then certain animals will certainly follow, none more so than the mole. As large areas rapidly dry out, the insect and worm populations can be harder to find for moles, so a watered garden or lawn becomes a welcome oasis. As molehills appear more damage is done.MOLES MOLEHILLS

Domestic pets will come into contact, not only with other pets (cats and dogs), but other wild animals too and this has caused a massive surge in the number of fleas, with the heat encouraging re-production.

wasps and woodFinally, a summer would not be complete without the mention of wasps. These creative insects spread fear and alarm wherever they are spotted and this year has been no exception with wasp nests appearing in many locations, each one being rigorously defended, any wasp nest should be treated with respect, if not, the result could possibly be fatal.


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