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Super RatAfter the tremendous heat and vast quantities of sunshine during the past summer, autumn has finally arrived with lower temperatures and rain.

Now is the time to think about winter and even cooler temperatures and this is exactly what the majority of pests will be doing.

Squirrels are already invading many properties to seek out dry, safe areas to escape cooler weather. Other rodents, including rats and mice have already invaded many areas and with previous conditions during the summer and large amounts of available food, numbers are at very high levels. This can only lead to more properties that previously, might never have had a problem with pest activity before suddenly finding unwanted visitors have taken up residence.

Insects will be looking to find warmer areas as well and this can include spiders and fleas.

Outside in the garden as the lawns finally get the desperately needed rain, the worm populations will increase and this in turn could attract mole activity. A gardener’s worst nightmare, a well -manicured green lawn full of large molehills!

Regular checks of properties for any damage or faults, (holes, gaps, etc) and repairs, can help to stop rodents gaining access to properties.

Another point to consider is to remove anything that might attract them in the first instance to the locality and this normally means food. It is very important to ensure bins are well maintained and not overfilled. If gardens contain fruit trees or bushes that produce berries, ensure any “fallers” are quickly removed. Finally, keep any bird feeders well controlled and any nuts, fat balls or seeds not being used should be securely stored before use.

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