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spiderHalloween is the time for ghosts, ghouls and other scary monsters!

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, strange things can be heard or seen that may send a tingle down the spine! Not everything may be an apparition, some things will be real and could have a scary and possibly, an expensive result.

As the temperatures drop, rodents and insects will be looking for warm, secure lodging and properties are the obvious choice, with many at risk from invasion.
Now is the time to check for any defects in buildings, fill any holes or cracks, replace missing tiles or seal holes around windows or pipework. A small amount of time spent now could possibly save a lot of time and money in the future.

If you use a wood burner, ensure it is only wood that you are bringing inside to be used, chopped wood or logs can be an ideal home for insects and in some cases, mice.

Outside in the garden, clear up dead leaves or dropped foliage as these can encourage extra worm activity, which in turn could attract moles and in turn produce unwanted molehills and damage.

The simple steps above can help avoid unwanted guests and may prevent that bump in the night!

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