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Ferndown, Longham, Parley, St Catherine’s and Hurn, Stapehill, West Moors, West Parley.

A mainly rural area, apart from larger towns. Several golf courses, farmland, heathland and forestry all make up this postcode area.

Anywhere outside of town centres are likely to be affected, especially if bordering open areas or forestry. Any gardens, both with or without grass, can be affected if there are suitable areas of soil (flowerbeds) that contain the main food source of worms. Road side verges are often a favourite for mole activity and if these link to neighbouring open areas, a constant flow of mole activity will ensue. Forest and heathland areas can support large numbers of moles and if streams or rivers flood nearby, moles will migrate to nearby drier areas to survive, possibly invading neighbouring gardens etc.

No-Nonsense Pest Control only use traps, placed in a professional way which is safe and humane.
If you have molehills damaging your lawn or garden or need help with moles or you have a mole problem or need mole removal, mole catching, or mole trapping we are mole catching specialists and can help to solve your mole problem in and around Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood, Verwood or any BH postcode area in Dorset – call:
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