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The weather on New Year’s day was a little miserable so a short drive through the countryside was undertaken to bring in the New year and see just how the weather has effected the local area.

The past rain has certainly saturated the ground and large areas of water were still visible in the fields along the Stour valley and many molehills were observed along Magna road between Bear Cross and Merley.

A quick stretch on the A31 revealed more mole activity, not only in the fields, but also in the roadside verges, a safe refuge for moles!

The next part of the journey took us from Wimborne towards Blandford and the open fields were still showing signs of recent flooding, numerous molehills were seen and again, roadside verges were suffering from digging moles.

Crossing the River Tarrant, there was a small paddock that was still flooded in the middle, whilst around the edges were fresh molehills! This is evidence that moles can be hardy in these circumstances.

The rest of the road to Blandford proved to be much the same and as the cloud seemed to be getting lower, it was decided to loop back to Bournemouth via the A350 through Charlton Marshall, Spetisbury and Sturminster Marshall.
The open farmland and fields were obviously still suffering from the flooding of the nearby River Stour, with large areas of either water or mud! (More molehills on the grass verges.)

Back on the A31 passing Henbury, there was higher ground and this had attracted many moles as many molehills were seen, obviously plenty of rich pickings for them in less saturated soil.

Passing Corfe Mullen on the A31 revealed more flooded areas, none more evident, after crossing the River Stour before the Canford Bottom roundabout. Building work on new estates will probably cause the moles to migrate onto nearby areas, including existing gardens.

After negotiating the roundabout, it was time to pass through Hampreston, Longham, Dudsbury and eventually Parley Cross before returning to Bournemouth. All along this part of the journey, molehills could be seen in roadside verges and newly planted grassed areas of a recently completed housing estate.

With the recent extremes in weather, it just goes to show that nature, and in particular moles, can adapt to their surroundings and will take advantage of any suitable areas, which can lead to mole damage in many gardens.

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