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Mainly urban area with domestic housing bordering onto heathland.  The course of the disused railway line, now a road and trail way, offers embankments and a rural break between built up areas. The area has several recreational playing fields. To the north is a large golf course and wooded area that is perfect for mole and other wildlife activity.

Most of the eastern side is heathland and wooded areas with a main road running from top to bottom with the southern side backing onto large areas of housing. The western side borders onto open heathland.


With open heathland surrounding the general area, there will always be the constant threat of mole activity in those areas. The trailway provides a good thoroughfare, not only for walking, but access for wildlife as well. Even the main road acts as a conduit for mole activity as it has fertile verges, a good source of worms and insects for moles to feast on.


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