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At one time, mole skins were used to make waistcoats, trousers, hats and even coats. It would take over  100 moleskins to complete a waistcoat!

In some parts of the country a molehill is known as a “wontyhump”.

It is claimed that the average mole can move around ten pounds of soil in approximately twenty minutes. If needed, a mole can excavate around eighteen to twenty metres of tunnels a day, depending on the soil!

The word “mole” could be derived from the word “moldwarp” which literally means earth thrower!

A mole does have eyes, but they are very small and protected by fur and instead rely on their acute hearing.

The saliva of a mole actually paralyses the worms and insects that it catches and it has to consume roughly, half of  its own body  weight on a daily basis.

Apart from regular rest periods, moles can be active both day and night.

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