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Wimborne Minster is a large market town located in east Dorset and is famous for its minster church located in the centre and dates back to the pre-roman era. The town is surrounded by countryside and forests and has two rivers, the Stour and Allen.

The central streets are narrow and contain older buildings, which spread outward towards larger residential areas and the surrounding villages of Pamphill, Colehill, Canford Bottom, Merley and Ashington.

With the rivers playing a major part of the landscape, they form a natural highway for many insects, birds and animals which naturally follow their courses.

Moles will certainly enjoy the rich soil provided by the flood plains and if properties are located close by, lawns and other green areas and fields are a good source of food. The same applies to the outer fringes where residential areas meet forest, or open countryside.

Vegetation can assist moles in their relentless search for food as tree roots make it easier to dig tunnels and also retain water during dryer periods, which in turn attract more worms and beetles etc, a mole’s food source.

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