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Moles,Mole control, mole catching by No-nonsense Pest control, Bournemouth,Christchurch,Ringwood Verwood and poole.Mention a molehill to a serious gardener or someone that really loves their beautiful, lush green lawn and no doubt, you will see a flicker of fear appear!

It is the thought of hours of work and loving tendering, being wiped out in minutes by a small furry animal that is seldom seen, but the damage certainly is.Mole control by No-Nonsense Pest Control

At one time, strychnine, a powerful poison was used to kill off moles, but this was rightfully banned in 2006 as non- target species, such as birds and other animals were being killed as well.

Various methods are often employed to rid an area of moles and these can include:

Putting empty bottles in the ground which is supposed to scare moles away when the wind causes noise and vibrations?

Small children’s windmills on sticks firmly planted into molehills.

Sprinkling of granules, liberal use of castor oil, mothballs or spikey plants in tunnels.

Various kinds of animal droppings.

Smoke cartridges and even in one case explosives!!

It is highly likely that none of these activities will work and are more likely to cause more damage.

If you are really serious about humanely removing moles, then call a professional mole catcher.

No-Nonsense Pest Control only use mole traps, placed in a professional way which is safe and humane.

If you have molehills damaging your lawn or garden or need help with moles or you have a mole problem or need mole removal, mole catching, or mole trapping we are mole catching specialists and can help to solve your mole problem in and around Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood, Verwood or any BH postcode area in Dorset – call:

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