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Autumn has arrived!

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Now the Autumn equinox is with us, the days will slowly get shorter and the nights longer and normal life, in general, tends to slow down a little.

This of course is not the case for animals and insects, the rush in on to feed up before possible hibernation, or to find suitable homes ready for the inevitable cold weather that will eventually arrive in the winter.

In our countryside, gardens and other suitable locations, moles are still very much active and always on the lookout for fresh feeding grounds, rich in insects and worms to feed on, to sustain them through the coming months. They will NOT hibernate, but will keep up there relentless digging for food throughout the year.

Moles are certainly very active as the weather has forced the moles to dig deeper to find suitable food and many previously untouched locations are falling victim to their endless tunnelling and molehills.

In the garden as the lawns and flower borders, finally get the desperately needed rain, the worm populations will increase and this in turn could attract mole activity. A gardener’s worst nightmare, a well -manicured green lawn full of large molehills or pushed up mole tunnels!

If problems or invasions are noticed early, further damage can be avoided with swift action.

No-Nonsense Pest Control only use mole traps, placed in a professional way which is safe and humane.

If you have molehills damaging your lawn or garden or need help with moles or you have a mole problem or need mole removal, mole catching, or mole trapping we are mole catching specialists and can help to solve your mole problem in and around Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood, Verwood or any BH postcode area in Dorset – call:

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