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With the New Year with us, the weather seems to be stuck in wet mode with rain, rain and more rain!

The average temperatures are certainly higher than normal and with all the rain, water levels are certainly high in the rivers and local water tables.

If areas of land become water-logged, any animals living on or below ground level, will be looking for higher, drier areas.

Moles will certainly be forced to flee flooded or partially flooded areas to seek out new drier feeding areas and if properties are located within the new areas, trouble will follow.

Any gardens encountered by moles will be quickly explored for food sources and if found, moles are likely to take up residence. The outcome of this could be molehills, mole runs and damage to plant roots and grassed areas. If the ground is soft enough, large mole runs will soon be formed, as moles push, rather than dig out the soil, which in turn causes further damage.

No-Nonsense Pest Control only use mole traps, placed in a professional way which is safe and humane.

If you have molehills damaging your lawn or garden or need help with moles or you have a mole problem or need mole removal, mole catching, or mole trapping we are mole catching specialists and can help to solve your mole problem in and around Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood, Verwood or any BH postcode area in Dorset – call:

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