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As a mole, life can be hard and just like humans, if there is an easier way to do things, then this is the way forward!

A mole will spend a lot of time feeding from the many mole runs that it constructs in a certain area, but sometimes a new feeding area will be established due to one or more factors

In West Moors a mole has been happily feeding via its own tunnel network for a while, until disturbed by possible human or animal interference, the time has come to move areas and seek out new food sources.

Tunnelling underground, avoiding rocks and larger stones, it comes across tree roots and follows them, occasionally creating a molehill to remove excess soil. As it passes under a fence line there is a higher percentage of worms and other foodstuffs, due to moisture running down the fence.( Dew or rain.) The depth of the tunnel will determine how much soil will have to be excavated, which in turn will affect how many molehills are created.

The fence line extends on two sides of a garden, with a hedge line on the third side which leads to a stone patio for the fourth side of the garden, in which there is a small shed and flower borders on three sides. This has now become the new feeding area!

The mole quickly and efficiently digs tunnels under the wooden fence lines beneath the flower borders, occasionally creating a molehill or two and maybe displacing the odd plant roots above ground. As the tunnelling continues at pace, more molehills appear and more damage becomes apparent.

To increase the number of tunnels for feeding, the mole ventures away from the fence line and enters the lawn area where rich pickings of worms, beetles and insects can be harvested in the ever expanding network of tunnels, creating yet more molehills and possible “push up runs”.

The tunnelling continues and the hedge line, containing roots underground, falls victim to the mole, which even ventures under the shed, all the while creating more molehills!

Some molehills are removed by the frustrated gardener of the property, but normally, by the next day, others will have appeared. This sequence of events may continue for some time until something more positive is done.

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