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LOCATION: Bournemouth, East Cliff and Springbourne, Talbot and Branksome Woods, Winton East   LOCATION TYPE: Urban domestic dwellings in tree lined roads and avenues. The southern edge is along a deep cut railway with the western edge bordering farmland and open heathland. Contained within is a large cemetery. LIKELY HOT SPOTS: The southern edge, (railway lines), will act as conduits for mole activity. The farmland and open heath area provides a good area for moles to breed and the overspill will affect gardens that back onto these areas. Recent building work could exacerbate the situation....

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Wasps are now really active in all the local areas of Dorset including Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Verwood and Ringwood in Hampshire. Wasp nests are being found in properties in roof voids, in gardens, in bushes, trees, outbuildings and even in the ground from West Moors to Sandbanks, Wimborne to Highcliffe and Branksome to Ferndown. Wasps are very good at adapting the local environment to suit their needs and this is especially true when foliage is removed to allow easier flight paths to an established wasps nest. They can also excavate soil at an alarming rate to increase underground...

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With an early Easter nearly upon us the first thought is usually chocolate eggs and hot cross buns! Animals may not have this luxury but eggs and young are in their minds. The Queen Wasp will be busy setting up her nest with just a few eggs at first, eventually numbers could swell to thousands. This year the numbers of Wasps is likely to be high as we have not had a cold winter and temperatures are already reaching double figures on a daily basis. A large majority of Wasps nest that I treated in the Poole area last year were in the ground especially in Parkstone and Branksome. In other...

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Pest Control Branksome Poole

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   Branksome is part of the Borough of Poole and is situated between Poole  and Bournemouth and is a mix of exclusive homes and larger housing estates. There are two main areas, one is known as the Park and on the other side of the  main railway line is an area of larger estates which include a gas works and  the Bourne River complete with parkland and gardens which was once home to  grazing livestock. The Park estate belonged to a member of parliament and in 1852 a plain stone Tudor house  designed by Robert Burn was built. The drive to the house is now the Branksome Avenue. Many of...

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Pest Control Parkstone Poole Dorset

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Parkstone, near Poole in Dorset, is divided into two parts, Lower and Upper or “Up-on-‘ill” as it used to be known! Upper Parkstone was a product of the Victorian era with most of the main shops located along Ashley road, together with a few churches and pubs. The road names in the area reflect important events or people from that era, for example Victoria, Jubilee and Albert road. Lower Parkstone was originally a village called Ashley Cross and extended to the shoreline and is considered more residential and hence more sought after. Much of Parkstone was in fact...

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Pest Control and Wasp Control in the Borough of Poole Dorset

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Poole is located in Dorset with a shore-line on the English Channel and it has the largest natural harbour in Europe and the second largest natural harbour in the world. The harbour area itself contains several small islands including Brownsea which is owned by the National Trust and is well known for both migrating and nesting birds. The area also contains the largest onshore oil field in Britain. To the west of Poole are Hamworthy and Upton with Corfe Mullen, Broadstone, Canford Heath and Oakdale to the north. Moving further clockwise to the east are found Newtown, Parkstone and Branksome...

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