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Queens Park


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With summer now disappearing, autumn is here and already the Horse Chestnut trees in Meyrick Park, Bournemouth are changing colour and ready to give up their crop of “conkers”! A useful by-product, of which, is used against spiders to keep them out of our homes, because now is the time for these and many other creatures to start planning for the colder weather. Many eyes will be focused on our warm, centrally heated properties, as a place to set up home and spend the next 5 or 6 months or even longer. It is not just the older properties in places such as Parkstone, Southbourne or Westbourne...

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QUEENS PARK-BOURNEMOUTH As is the case for most areas in Dorset, Queens Park and Charminster were originally heathland and referred to as “the Great Heath”. The area was used as a place to cut turf, (turbary), for fuel until the 1800’s when it was nearly ended by legislation, but local protestors managed to regain five specific lots of land to carry on the practice. One lot of 147 acres was known as Lot 60 and this is now Queens Park. The other Lots ended up as Seafield Gardens, King’s Park, Redhill Common and Meyrick Park. In 1902 with the coronation of King Edward VII Lot 59 became King’s...

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Pest Control and Wasp Control Winton Moordown Talbot Village Redhill Ensbury Park Muscliffe

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Much like Queens Park and neighbouring Charminster, Winton was heathland to the west of the New Forest and the area was known as “The Liberty of Westover” meaning west of the Stour. The principle land owner was the Earl of Malmesbury and the name appears on many of the deeds of houses in the area. It is surrounded by Ensbury Park, Muscliffe, Redhill, Moordown, Queens Park and Charminster and forms part of the borough of Bournemouth. Around 1850 two sisters called Georgina and Marianne Talbot purchased land and set about building an area which became Talbot Village, to the east they sank...

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