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D I Y Pest Control

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We are now able to supply traps and bait boxes for do it yourself pest control for rodents, including rats, mice and squirrels. Unfortunately we are unable to supply rodenticides. The following are the items we can supply:- Cage trap – rabbit. (Live catch) Cage trap – squirrel. (Live catch) Mouse and rat snap traps. Trip – trap live mouse traps.(Humane) Rat bait boxes. We can also supply weephole protectors to prevent mice, spiders, wasps, bees and other flying and crawling insects gaining access in brickwork. Please call for the latest prices. Our main focus continues to be mole catching....

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As the Christmas holiday period draws closer, many people prepare by putting up decorations in and around their homes as a way to celebrate the forthcoming festive period and invite friends and family. It might well be that through certain actions, unknowingly, pests are being invited in as well! From the outside looking in, the home looks very inviting, warm inside, with no doubt lots of tasty food to choose from and lots of various habitats too. There are various ways for pests to enter the homes, some far easier than others, so with a few simple precautions, unwanted invasions can be...

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The environment is changing and this is affecting everyone. The weather is getting warmer and exhibiting more extremes, a months’ rain in an hour, drought, stronger winds, etc.etc. It maybe as an individual, we can only do a very small amount to affect the outcome, but as a collective we can certainly make a difference. This is certainly the case with the effects we have on the nature and animals in our immediate vicinity. It is very easy to purchase chemicals or poisons to try and eradicate problems in our homes, gardens or work places and in some cases these can have a detrimental effect...

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