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LOCATION: Avon, Bournemouth International Airport, Bransgore, Burley, Burton, Christchurch, Dorset, Highcliffe, Hurn, Mudeford, Friars Cliff, Parley, Ringwood East, Sopley, St Leonards and St Ives, Walkford, Winkton. LOCATION TYPE: A real mix of landscapes, including a large airport, several large towns and villages, farmland, flood plains of the River Stour and the River Avon, coastal fringes with cliffs and forestry and heathland. There are areas of retail outlets and industrial estates as well. LIKELY HOT SPOTS: The airport area is a magnet for moles! Even the road verges suffer. The soil...

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Pest Control and Wasp Control Highcliffe

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Highcliffe is situated in Dorset to the east of Christchurch and Mudeford and to the west of  Walkford, New Milton  and Barton on Sea with Hinton to the north. It is a popular place for tourism and has its own golf course which is next to Highcliffe Castle. It was around 1830 that Lord Stuart de Rothesay purchased part of the estate on which he had built the castle between 1831 and 1836. Around  the same time twenty properties were built in a field and a village called Newtown was born. In 1892 the name of the village was changed to Highcliffe It was not until 1900 that mains water arrived...

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