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Feral Pigeon

Feral Pigeon – (Columba livia var)

Ferral Pigeon - Pest Control Bournemouth

Ferral Pigeon – Pest Control Bournemouth

Pigeons vary in colour from white to black and all combinations in between. Pigeons are found in towns, cities and rural locations all over the world. They will make perch on balconies, ledges, flat roofs, guttering and loft spaces in particular, and are capable of lifting damaged or loose roof coverings to force entry.

Dependent on man for food, it is for this reason that pigeons have become a serious pest. Pigeons are scavengers and will feeds on seeds, green feed and domestic scraps, in and around cities, near roosting sites.

Pigeons eggs have a 17-19 day incubation period, with nests that are built in sheltered areas on or in buildings or other structures and are made from any obtainable material, ranging from wire, twigs, even syringes. Pigeons will breed throughout the year, with as many as 7 broods and 2 eggs in each clutch. Young pigeons are called squabs and will spend 35-37 days in the nest.

Pigeons carry a number of serious diseases, such as salmonella and psittacosis, which is also commonly known as ‘pigeon fancier’s lung.’ Their droppings (guano) provide the ideal environment for organisms that cause diseases, such as listeriosis, cryptococcis and aspergillosis to thrive. Pigeons also carry fleas and other parasites such as pigeon ticks and bird mites, which can be spread to other hosts including people.

Pigeon guano and debris is not only unattractive, but can damage the structure of a building as the acidity in it eats away at stone and brickwork. Tar based roofing materials are particularly vulnerable to this type of damage.