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Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci)

Active throughout the year, carpet beetles are common in Great Britain where they are found in domestic properties, museums and birds nests. Whilst the adults are harmless, the larvae feed on fabrics, carpets, clothing, furs and stuffed specimens.

Carpet beetles thrive in situations where they remain undisturbed i.e. under carpets, around skirting boards and in wardrobes. In large infestations, the larval hairs cause skin irritation.

Carpet beetle larvae, often known as ‘Woolly Bears’, are insatiable feeders, preferring warm environments such as bedrooms and loft spaces, where there is also plenty of food.
Adult carpet beetles feed on nectar and pollen, and after mating the female carpet beetle enter houses during late summer and autumn, where she lays her eggs in birds’ nests in roof voids and other suitable places.

Eggs may hatch anywhere between 10 and 35 days, depending on the temperature, with the larvae often remaining in adolescence for over a year. Adult carpet beetles appear in April, May and June and their resulting larvae hibernate over winter, until pupating during the latter part of February and March.
In total it can take anywhere between eight months and three years for a carpet beetle to grow from egg to adult, the exact length of time being largely dependent on food supply and temperature.

Signs of a carpet beetle problem:-

  • Adult carpet beetles wandering on walls, windows and carpets, and clean, irregular holes, particularly around seams.