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Honey Bees

Honey Bee – (Apis mellifera)

Bees at Branksome

Bees at Branksome

Honey bees are just one of several thousands of species of bee.

Bees are very social insects, forming complex colonies that overwinter. A bee colony size is large – often greater than 30,000 individuals. Bees are normally kept by specialist bee keepers in hives for their honey and beeswax.

Bees are of great importance to the environment, as they pollinate plants and produce honey and beeswax. Occasionally, whilst swarming, they can cause problems but normally their benefits far outweigh the risk.
Bees should only be killed as a last resort and the normal course of action is for a bee keeper to collect the swarm.

Signs of a problem with bees:-

  • A large number of bees swarming in spring, or summer, to form a rugby ball shaped object. However, bees are not keen to sting unless provoked.