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Moths – Various Species

Whilst moths are not a health hazard in the home, they are a pest because of the severe damage their larvae causes to clothes, fabrics, furs, leather and carpets. Unfortunately, serious harm may have been done before numbers of flying moths are seen, so preventing a moth problem is important.

Moths found in the house include the Brown House Moth and the White Shouldered House Moth. Both these species attack a number of materials, including cereals, textiles, cork and leather.

The Common Clothes Moth attacks animal products including wool, fur, leather and skins, biting off fibres, which destroys more of the item than they actually consume.

Signs of a moth problem

Often the first indication of a problem with moths will be damage to fabrics, but there are usually other warning signs:-

  • Adult moths, which are often often crawling rather than flying
  • Maggot-like larvae (moth caterpillars)
  • Silk cocoons in which moth larvae live before turning into moths.

It is important to note that another common cause of damage to carpets or fur may be due to fur beetles or carpet beetles rather than moths.

Moth activity to watch out for:-

  • Eggs followed by silk cocoons containing larvae, especially around laundry baskets as soiled clothing is a more acceptable diet than clean clothing.
  • Moths may be observed flying around.