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Spider – (Class: arachnida)

Spiders are not normally harmful but many people have a phobia (arachnophobia). Spiders often enter the home in autumn in search of somewhere warm to overwinter.

Although they rarely bite people, none of the UK’s indigenous spiders is considered dangerous, and there are less than 1000 species of spider found in the UK out of a worldwide population of 35,000 species.

False Widow Spider

False Widow Spider

Spiders like warm, dark and small spaces such as wall cracks, corners, air vents, and in the eaves of houses. Others prefer the outdoors, weaving webs in sheds, gardens or near outside lighting. It is primarily their webbing that makes most spiders a nuisance.

First lines of defence are to remove webs, vacuum, remove unnecessary clutter, improve lighting and fill in any cracks.

The Common House Spider – (Family: diaspidae)

Found in buildings, sheds and walls, the common house spider produces a sheet web.

Female house spiders produce a spherical egg sac, which is covered with a layer of silk and placed within the web structure. Male house spiders mate several times with the female before dying. Adult house spiders can live for several years.

Despite their reputation spiders may be considered beneficial, as they eat many types of insects, including pests!