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Wasp – (Vespula vulgaris)



Wasps are easily identified with their yellow and black markings and feared by almost everyone! Wasp nests are formed from chewed wood which is made into a paper maché paste. Nests can be found inside and outside buildings, both above and below ground.

Wasp's nest

Wasp’s nest

All the male and worker wasps die in the winter; only the Queen survives by over wintering to begin a new colony in the spring, which may comprise up to 25,000 insects. This colony of wasps can grow into thousands of them by the end of the season.

Wasp's nest on soffit

Wasp’s nest on soffit

Wasps can be beneficial to gardeners by killing garden insect pests, but when they become aggressive and sting they become a nuisance. Unlike bees, wasps do not swarm.

Signs of a wasp problem:-

  • Multiple flight paths indicating a wasps’ nest close by.