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Mole – (Talpa europaea)



Moles are widespread throughout Great Britain, especially in grassland and woodland but can be found in private gardens, playing fields, parks, golf courses, cemeteries and roadside verges.

Moles cause significant damage with their tunnels that result in molehills, or mole ‘ridges.’ Moles are noted for their ability to dig underground tunnels of up to 100 to 1,000 square metres, causing molehills on the surface of the ground.

Moles are well adapted for burrowing with large, spade like, front feet. They do have very small eyes but they have no external ear flaps. Moles enjoy a diet of worms, slugs and other insect larvae which fall into their tunnel system. Moles carry fleas.

Moles dig two types of tunnels:-

  • Shallow tunnels just below ground surface, created as the mole searches for food. These manifest as a raised ridge in a lawn, or flower bed.
  • Deep tunnels that are 10 to 40cm underground. These tunnels cannot be seen as the ridges can, but as the mole digs, molehills appear which are the result of earth being cleared away. Mole nests are created in areas of tunnel that are lined with grass and leaves.

Moles have litters of up to seven. Each adult mole needs to establish its own network of tunnels and will dig at speeds of up to 4 metres per hour!

A problem with moles can establish itself quickly and little can be done to stop them from entering your property. Once you have a mole problem, all that can be done is to eradicate it.

Signs of mole activity:-

  • Ridges and large mounds of fresh earth.


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