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Rabbit – (Oryctolagus cuniculus)



Rabbits are not rodents, but are a major pest to gardens and crops, with damage estimated at £100 million per annum.

Rabbits live communally in burrows, known as warrens, causing damage to banks etc. In gardens they can live under sheds, under rubble piles or in the roots of dead trees.

Rabbits prefer short grass with safe refuge nearby, but they will eat a wide range of plants and shrubs, and heavy grazing can result in some grass areas being entirely removed and only moss remaining. This is known as “rabbit lawns.”

Normally nocturnal, rabbits are often seen during daylight hours due to population density.
Rabbits breed from January to August, 2-4 litters per annum and 3-6 young per litter. They can conceive again 2 days after giving birth!

Myxomatosis (sometimes shortened to myxi) is a virus spread through rabbits by blood sucking insects, in particular the rabbit flea.