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Posted by on Feb 27, 2018 in BH postcode, Bournemouth, Christchurch, grey squirrel, pest control, pest prevention, Poole, Ringwood, rodent, squirrel damage, squirrels, Verwood | 0 comments

Take a walk in any area where there are trees and you are sure to spot a grey squirrel. They may look cute as they forage for food, or sit in a tree chewing an acorn, or devouring a tasty morsel stolen from a bird feeder or bin. Do not be fooled! Squirrels are definitely cunning and will use any means possible to search out suitable food sources and nesting sites. Curiosity plays a part, along with determination and of course their strong teeth inherited from the rodent family, which can quickly penetrate most materials. Wheelie bins are no match for constant gnawing and if any food waste is...

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New Year Resolutions!

Posted by on Jan 1, 2018 in Ants, Ants, BH postcode, birds, Bournemouth, Christchurch, fleas, hornets, Insects, mice, mole control, mole removal, mole trapping, moles, pest control, pest control problem, pest control service, pest prevention, Pest Proofing, Pests, Poole, problem pest, Rabbits, Rats, Ringwood, Rodents, spiders, squirrels, Verwood, Wasp Control, Wasp Removal, Wasps | 0 comments

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are all guilty of making New Year’s resolutions, but how many of us actually carry them out? One important one that you may never think of at the time, should be pest control and in particular – pest proofing! It is easy to dismiss the thought straight away, but if you stop and think for a minute, no doubt you can recall a problem pest from the past and all the aggravation that came with it. Time spent now carrying out simple proofing techniques could save hours of grief and money in the New Year to come. When packing up the Christmas decorations, make sure they are secure...

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